• Naw Eh

‘If I Really Try Hard Nothing Is Impossible’: From Collecting Recyclables to Higher Education


Naw Eh is an incredibly determined 20-year-old Karen woman whose perseverance, motivation and hopeful spirit have taken her far beyond what she ever could have imagined as a child. Growing up as an undocumented migrant under extreme poverty and lack of opportunity, unlike many others in Thailand young Naw Eh had no chance to go to school. Instead, she spent her mornings selling snacks to school children […]

1711, 2014

Burma Link | 2015 Calendar Out Now – Preview and Order Online!


Burma Link | 2015 Calendar displays life on the Thailand-Burma border via beautiful and compelling images from inside Burma and refugee camps in Thailand. The calendar includes Burmese national holidays, important ethnic celebrations as well as international days […]

Burma Link upholds the voices of the people of Burma and works to empower the people to become active agents in driving positive change in their lives and communities. We are the link between the world and the people of Burma, helping the world reach in and the people of Burma reach out. We help the people to share information and their stories with both local and global communities and provide all actors easy access to a wealth of information on Burma and its borders.

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Top slider 1 photo by Feliz Solomon; Top slider 2 photos by Burma Link, Saw Mra Raza Linn, and Naga National Council.