Carpetbagging in Burma’s Ethnic Areas

Tea Circle Oxford| December 4, 2017 Moegyo challenges the role of development/assistance in ethnic areas and provides recommendations for vetting. With the transition in 2011 to a new hybrid civilian-military government in Burma, a number of international development/assistance carpetbaggers – [...]

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KWO Statement in Support of Karen Day in Washington DC

Karen Women's Organization (KWO) | November 6, 2017 The Karen Women’s Organization and our 60,000 members support the effort of Karen people in the United States to shed light on the plight of our people and others in Burma. We know that the [...]

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The Right of Safe Return: As Burma’s Civil Wars Drag On, Displaced Karen Villagers Face Cuts in Humanitarian Assistance

Karen Community of Canada | October 29, 2017 As the Karen Community of Canada (KCC), an organization representing ethnic Karen refugees from Burma/Myanmar, we have watched with horror as over 600,000 Rohingya refugees have fled Burmese military atrocities over [...]

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