No Peace in Southern Ye Township

///No Peace in Southern Ye Township

Mon Htaw / Mon News Agency (MNA) | April 1, 2016.

Contrary to recent reports, there is no peace in the areas of Kawsar Sub-township, Ye Township, Mon State, according to community leaders and senior monks from southern Ye Township.

“The time for peace has already been long time. The upper part of Mon State is peaceful. However, we in southern Ye Township still haven’t tasted peace,” said Sayardaw U Thila, a senior monk of Anndin Monastery.

Sayardaw U Thila continued that in addition to the common occurrences of looting and extortion, on March 8, a captain from Light Infantry Battalion No. 280 was pursuing criminals and fatally shot two innocent villagers.

Sayardaw also said that the Tatmadaw questioned locals and members of community based organizations for helping the victims’ families. Thus, Sayardaw urged the members of civil society organizations and local senior monks to resolve the difficulties that the victims’ families are facing.

Reproduced ransom demands from extortionists (in Burmese) (Photo: MNA)

Reproduced ransom demands from extortionists (in Burmese) (Photo: MNA)

“The captain who shot the two villagers as a mistake in Makyee Chaungwa Village, will be charged with murder. In regards to this case, we will work towards bringing justice for the victims’ families,” said U Chit Tin, a member of National League for Democracy (NLD) and State Hluttaw Representative of Ye Township Constituency (2).

U Chit Tin added that the NLD aimed to work towards peace and the rule of law throughout the country as well as prioritizing regional development and social affairs.

Mon civil society organizations will help to bring justice to two victims who were shot dead by a captain of LIB No. 280, in Makyee Chaungwa Village, southern Ye Township.

Several splinter groups are still looting and extorting locals in southern Ye Township, Mon State. The Tatmadaw’s battalions have issued orders to not enter the forests, according to locals.

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This article originally appeared on Mon News Agency on April 1, 2016.

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