Statement Condemning Tatmadaw Airstrikes Against Unarmed Civilians

Kachin Alliance | January 26, 2018 We are outraged in the strongest term by Tatmadaw's use of air power against its own citizens, yet again violating the convention of war. This morning, we woke up to graphic images of [...]

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UNFC to Fade Away: How Will the Government Handle the FPNCC?

By Sai Wansai / Shan Herald Agency for News | January 26, 2018 As one could just enthusiastically proclaims “and then there were ten,” to the 8 Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA)-signatory Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs) another two, the New [...]

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Break Up Burma? – Executive Summary

By Roland Watson / Dictator Watch | January 9, 2018 The premise of the article is as follows: The people of Burma have suffered terribly under fifty-five years of military dictatorship, but there has always been hope that this [...]

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70th Anniversary of the Kachin State Day Statement

Kachin National Organisation (KNO) | January 10, 2018 1. Today, 10th January 2018 marks the 70th Anniversary of the creation of Kachin State. May this day bring a blessing to the citizens of Kachin State and all the ethnic [...]

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2018 THE YEAR AHEAD: Achieving Peace and Resolving Armed Conflict would Remain Far-fetched in Myanmar

By Sai Wansai/Shan Herald Agency for News | December 15, 2017 As 2017 comes to an end the ethnic armed conflict that have plagued the country for decades seems to be escalating, rather than reducing. The related ongoing peace [...]

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