Northern Burma/Myanmar: Global Kachin Appeal for UN Members’ Action

20 Global Kachin Organisations | February 6, 2018 Stop War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity In response to a coordinated militant attack on August 25, 2017, the Burmese government security forces launched a military campaign in western Burma/Myanmar. This [...]

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The 72nd Anniversary of NNC Formation Day

Naga National Council (NNC) | February 2, 2018 The Naga Club was formed in October 1918, and the same leaders renamed the Naga Club as the Naga National Council (NNC) on the 2nd February 1946 at Wokha Town, Nagaland, [...]

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People Hail Jailing of Six Tatmadaw Soldiers for Kachin State Killings

By Chan Thar / Myanmar Times | January 22, 2018 A military tribunal has sentenced six Tatmadaw troops, including four officers, to 10 years imprisonment after they were found guilty in the killing of three villagers in Mansi township in [...]

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