Membership Terms and Conditions

//Membership Terms and Conditions
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Becoming a member

 A person who approves the purpose of Burma Link can be approved to become an actual member of the organisation. A person or legal entity that wants to support the purpose and activities of the organisation can be approved to become a supporting member. Both actual and supporting members are approved from application by the Governing Board.

 The purpose of Burma Link is to advance Burma knowledge and to work towards a free and democratic Burma that upholds the principles of human rights, equality and justice.


Membership benefits

 Each new member is entitled to receive a copy of the e-book Burma and the Border when it is published. A copy of the e-book will be delivered to the contact email address indicated on the application form. Each member is also entitled to receive an electronic 3/year newsletter delivered to the contact email address indicated on the application form. Burma Link receives the right to stop distributing the e-book and/or newsletter at any time.


Participating in meetings and decision making

 Every actual member has the right to participate in the organisation’s meetings and to have one vote in the meetings. A supporting member has the right to participate and speak in the meetings. The decision of the meeting will be the view that was backed up by over half of the given votes. In the event that votes are even, the vote of the chairman of the meeting is decisive, except in elections where lottery ticket is decisive.

 Burma Link’s annual meeting is held every year on a day that falls between January and May, specified by the Board. An additional meeting is held when the organisation’s meeting so decides, when the Board deems it relevant, or when at least one tenth (1/10) of the organisation’s electorate (members) demands a meeting for a reason specified and given in writing to the Board. The meeting must be held within 30 days of the moment when the demand to hold it was presented to the Board.

 The Board must convene Burma Link’s meetings at least seven days before the meeting with letters posted or personally given to the members, on Burma Link’s website, via phone or via email.


Members’ resignation and dismissal

Each member has the right to resign from Burma Link by notifying the Board or the chairman about the resignation in writing, or by announcing the resignation to be marked in the meeting record during Burma Link’s meeting. The Board can dismiss a member if the member has not paid a membership fee that has already expired or if the member has in some other way not fulfilled the duties that he or she has committed to by joining the organisation, or the member has, in or outside the organisation, acted in a way that has significantly harmed the organisation, or the member no longer fulfils the requirements for membership.