On 22 February, 2017, Burma Link, the Karen Student Network Group (KSNG) and the Karen Youth Organisation (KYO) will launch a new documentary titled, “Unrecognised Leaders, Tomorrow’s Hope: Raising the Voices of Forgotten Youth.” The documentary amplifies the voices of displaced ethnic youth who live on the Thailand-Burma border, highlighting their calls for inclusion in political processes and recognition of refugee education certificates.

The “Unrecognised Leaders, Tomorrow’s Hope” focuses on the opportunities that displaced ethnic youth from Burma have found in their flight to the Thailand-Burma border, and draws attention to the ongoing concerns of the youth, particularly the non-recognition of refugee education certificates. The documentary features stories of youth who have been educated in higher education institutions in the refugee camps and along the border, showing their capacity and aspirations to contribute as active citizens to drive change and promote peace and national reconciliation in Burma. From their experiences, the documentary sheds light to the reasons why refugee education needs to be recognised and supported.

The documentary will be launched ahead of the second “21st Century Panglong Conference” and two days after the World Day of Social Justice.


When: 22 February, 2017; 10:00am – 12:00pm

Where: Best Western Green Hill Hotel, No-(12), Pho Sein Road, Tamwe Township, Yangon


For more information, please contact:

Saw Htoo Htoo Stin; President, Karen Student Network Group; +95(0)97 6871 8521, ksnghq@gmail.com (Burmese/Karen)

Saw Bless A Z; Head of Alliance Affairs, Karen Youth Organisation; +95(0)97 8684 2389, kyohqktl@gmail.com (Burmese/Karen)

Leena Zieger; International Coordinator, Burma Link; +95 (0)92 6089 5652, leena@burmalink.org (English)


The documentary is supported by the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network and Right to Play.