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Coverage of news and opinions on Burma from around the world

Burma News International (BNI)

With eleven independent Burma media/news organisations as members, The Burma News International aims to promote Burma related news and reports and also serves as a bridge for mutual-understanding, sharing experiences, expertise and resources and cooperation among the Independent Burma Media Organizations.

CIA World Factbook – Burma

Facts and figures about Burma from the United States Central Intelligence Agency

Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB)

DVB is a Norway based exiled on non-profit Burmese media station with online news and videos. Broadcasts radio and TV into Burma.

The Human Security Report Project (HSRP)

The Human Security Report Project (HSRP) is an independent research centre that tracks global and regional trends in organized violence, their causes and consequences. HSRP publications have received major coverage in the international media and are regularly cited by national governments, international agencies, and NGOs, as well as the research community. The HSRP also produces a range of online data, research, and news resources covering a broad range of global security issues. All publications are available free of charge.

Independent Mon News Agency (IMNA)

IMNA is a non-profitable news agency that covers news about Mon Community in Thailand, Mon Community in Burma and about Burma, in English, Mon and Burmese.

Kachinland News (KLN)

An independent, non-profit media organisation committed to reporting accurate news and events taking place especially in the Kachinland.

Kachin News Group (KNG)

KNG is an independent media organisation that covers news about Kachin from Northern Myanmar (Burma).

Kaladan Press Network

An independent and non-profitable news agency of Rohingyas of Arakan State, Burma, covering news in English and Burmese on Burma and Burma related issues, and Arakan and Rohingya related issues in particular.

Karen News

Karen News is reported and written by Karen journalists to provide information on issues that shape Karen communities in Burma and around the world.

Khonumthung News Group (KNG)

An independent news agency, covering Chin and Burma related issues in English and Burmese.


Online newspaper which specialises in Burma related news and multimedia. Mizzima products also include a Burmese language print journal, English language business weekly and TV production.

Online Burma Library

Classified and annotated links to more than 30,000 full text documents on Burma/Myanmar

Radio Free Asia (RFA)

RFA is a private, non-profit corporation that broadcasts news and information in nine native Asian languages to listeners who do not have access to full and free news media. The purpose of RFA is to provide a forum for a variety of opinions and voices from within these Asian countries.

Shan Herald

The Shan Herald Agency for News is a private, non-profit organization that publishes reports and periodicals in Shan, Burmese, English, and Thai, featuring politics, literature, human rights reporting and opinion columns about Shan State and Burma.

The Irrawaddy News Magazine

Online news magazine covering Burma and Asia

Burma Campaign UK (BCUK)

An award winning London-based organisation working for the promotion of human rights, democracy and development in Burma. Founded in 1991, Burma Campaign UK is one of the leading Burma campaign organisations in the world, playing a leading role in raising awareness about the situation in Burma, and pressuring the international community to take action in support of the people of Burma.

Burma Partnership (BP)

A network of organizations throughout the Asia-Pacific region, advocating for and mobilizing a movement for democracy and human rights in Burma, using collaboration and a participatory approach to advocacy as a key element in bringing about democratic change in Burma.

Burma Volunteer Programme (BVP)

BVP aims to fill a critical void between Burmese organizations along the Thailand-Burma border and people who wish to contribute their knowledge and expertise to build a more just, democratic Burma. BVP works with numerous groups along the border that request foreign volunteers to help build their capacity. BVP placements include working with ethnic and women’s groups, news and political organizations, adult learning centres and community based organizations (CBOs).

Free Burma Coalition

Free Burma Coalition was created in 1995 as an umbrella organization for the Free Burma movement, campaigning for human rights in Burma.

U.S. Campaign for Burma

The United States Campaign for Burma is a U.S.-based membership organization, recognized as the leader of the Free Burma movement and dedicated to empowering grassroots activists around the world for mobilizing political pressure for democracy and human rights in Burma.

Arakan Oil Watch (AOW)

AOW is an independent, community-based, non-governmental organization operating in Burma. Founded in 2006, the organization’s mission is to ensure that community rights, livelihoods, and environments are guaranteed and protected, and to monitor the activities of multinational oil and gas projects and their human rights, environmental, and financial impacts in Arakan State and the country of Burma.

Arakan Rohingya National Organization (ARNO)

ARNO is one of the representative organisations of the Rohingya people of Arakan State, Burma, based in London, the United Kingdom.

Chin Human Rights Organization

Chin Human Rights Organization is working to protect and promote the rights of the Chin people.

Chin National Front (CNF)

CNF was formed on 20 March 1988, dedicated to securing the self-determination of the Chin people, to restore democracy, and to establish federal Union of Burma.

Drum Publications

A small, independent, Karen community based organization dedicated to promoting education and preserving the cultures of the peoples of Burma. Drum Publications provides educational material in Burmese, English and Karen.

Kachin National Organisation (KNO)

KNO is a political organization founded on the 9th of January 1999. The main goals of the Kachin National Organization are to regain the inalienable rights of people by establishing an independent Kachinland and restore their pride and freedom.

Karen Department of Health and Welfare (KDHW)

KDHW has looked after the health of the Karen people for over twenty years. The organization was established to address the complete lack of health care resources in Karen State, the result of years of military aggression. For several decades, Burma’s State Peace and Development Council’s (SPDC) four cuts policy has deprived ethnic minorities of basic health and human services.


Karen National Union (KNU)

KNU is the leading political organisation representing the aspirations of the Karen people. KNU aims to establish a genuine Federal Union in cooperation with all the Karen and all the ethnic peoples in the country for harmony, peace, stability and prosperity for all.

Rohingya Minority Crisis Group (RMCG)

RMCG comprises a broad coalition of community groups, charities, mosques, human rights group and campaigners, to provide coordination and support groups and campaigns working to better the plight of the Rohingya.

The Palaung Land

The website provides news and information on current affairs from the Palaung area and other areas in northern Shan State.

Kachin Women’s Association in Thailand (KWAT)

KWAT is a non-profit organisation, working towards the empowerment and advancement of Kachin women in order to improve the lives of women and children in Kachin society.

Karen Women’s Organisation (KWO)

KWO is a community-based organisation of Karen women working in development and relief in the refugee camps on the Thai border and with IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) and women inside Burma.

WEAVE – Women’s Education for Advancement and Empowerment

The organization was founded in 1990, with the intent to empower indigenous women and support their needs and basic human rights. WEAVE’s projects attempt to address some of the problems faced by marginalized ethnic women and their children from Burma in the key areas of education, health, economic empowerment and self reliance.

Women’s League of Burma (WLB)

WLB is a 13 member organization that works for the advancement of the status of women towards a peaceful and just society in Burma.


ALTSEAN-Burma (Alternative ASEAN Network on Burma) is a network of organizations and individuals based in ASEAN member states working to support the movement for human rights and democracy in Burma.

Amnesty International – Burma (Myanmar)

Reports and information on the human right situation in Burma.

Article 19

Global campaign for freedom of expression

EarthRights International

EarthRights International’s Burma Project collects vital on-the-ground information about the human rights and environmental situation in Burma.

Human Rights Treaties ratified by Burma

These Human Rights Treaties ratified by Burma have been compiled by the University of Minnesota.

Human Rights Watch – Burma

Reports and information on the human right situation in Burma.

International Labour Organisation (ILO): 1998 Report on Forced Labour in Burma

US State Department: 2015 Human Rights Report Burma

Assistance Association for Political Prisoners – Burma (AAPP)

AAPP is a human rights organization based in Mae Sot, Thailand that works for the release of all political prisoners and for the improvement of prison conditions inside Burma. Set up in 2000, AAPP is entirely run by former political prisoners.

Human Rights Education Institute of Burma (HREIB)

HREIB aims to empower Burmese people through human rights education to engage in social transformation and promote a culture of human rights for all.

Human Rights Foundation of Monland (HURFOM)

Founded by pro-democracy students from the 1988 uprising and more recent activists and Mon community leaders and youths, HURFOM’s main aim is for the restoration of democracy, human rights and genuine peace in Burma.

Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG)

KHRG is a grassroots Karen-led human rights organisation, established in Karen State during 1992 and now operating across rural eastern Burma. With eighteen years of experience, and twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (in 2000 and 2001), KHRG is now recognised internationally as a leading authority on major issues such as internal displacement and forced labour in Burma.

Network for Human Rights Documentation – Burma

ND-Burma works with Burma human rights organizations on the human rights documentation process. The 12 ND-Burma member organizations seek to collectively use the truth of what communities in Burma have endured to challenge the regime’s power through present-day advocacy as well as prepare for justice and accountability measures in a potential transition. ND-Burma conducts fieldwork trainings; coordinates members’ input into a common database and engages in joint-advocacy campaigns.

Shan Human Rights Foundation (SHRF)

SHRF is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which was founded on December 6, 1990, and produces regular reports on human rights violations in Shan State.

Free Burma Rangers (FBR)

The Free Burma Rangers (FBR) provide humanitarian assistance to ethnic groups affected by conflict and oppression in the hands of Burma’s military regime.

Partner’s Relief and Development

Partners Relief & Development is a registered charity in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States, working with communities impacted by war in Burma.

The Border Consortium (TBC)

Previously known as Thailand-Burma Border Consortium (TBBC), TBC is a consortium of 10 international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from eight countries that has provided aid in the refugee camps on the Thailand-Burma border since the first refugees arrived in 1984.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Myanmar (Burma) information

Curriculum Project (CP)

The Curriculum Project (CP) of Thabyay Education Network was established in 2001 to work with post-secondary (Post-10) schools and adult education programmes along the Thailand-Burma border. CP works with teachers and learners to design curricula and materials, and provides teacher training and teacher support programmes. Almost all schools and organisations the project works with are run by and for exiles, refugees, migrant workers and other marginalised groups from Burma.

Myanmar Study Abroad

This website provides information about scholarships, universities, and recommended courses for students from Myanmar (Burma) who aspire to study at a university abroad.

Prospect Burma

Prospect Burma gives young Burmese people access to education through giving scholarships to needy Burmese students and funding English language and vocational courses for Burmese refugees and migrants within Asia.

Thabyay Education Network

Founded in 1996, Thabyay Education Network is a Thailand-registered foundation providing higher and adult education services to support human development, peace and reconciliation in Southeast Asia, with a particular focus on Burma.

The Best Friend Library

A non-profit lending library and resource centre for Burma. The Best Friend Library also sells books, videos and other items about Burma with profits being ploughed back into charities working directly with Burmese refugees and street children.

EarthRights International

EarthRights International’s Burma Project collects on-the-ground information about the human rights and environmental situation in Burma.

Shwe Gas Movement

A campaign site documenting the Shwe Gas project

The Burma Environmental Working Group (BEWG)

BEWG brings together Burma focused ethnic environmental and social organizations. The Burma Environmental Working Group envisions a Burma in which a democratic government and a strong civil society work together effectively to safeguard ecological and cultural diversity and ensure that the country’s development policies provide equitable benefits to all.

Backpack Health Worker Team (BPHWT)

BPHWT was established with the health workers in Mon, Karen and Karenni areas on 19th of August 1998 with the aim of promoting community health. BPHWT equips people with skills in order to manage their own health problems, while working towards sustainable development.

Burma Border Projects (BBP)

BBP is a non-profit organization dedicated to the mental health and psychosocial well being of the displaced people from Burma. BBP’s programs address the psychosocial consequences of the trauma associated with human rights abuses and dislocation of Burmese refugees.

Burma Children Medical Fund (BCMF)

BCMF was set up through Dr Cynthia’s Mae Tao Clinic in Mae Sot on the Thai-Burma border. The program dedicated to raising money for children from Burma with serious medical problems who are disadvantaged as a result of the Burmese regime.

Mae Tao Clinic (MTC)

The Mae Tao Clinic (MTC), founded and directed by Dr. Cynthia Maung, provides free health care for refugees and migrants from Burma.

Burma, Grace Under Pressure

This multimedia website by Geoffrey Hiller provides a powerful and creative way to present the situation in Burma and on the Thailand-Burma border.

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