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This is a glossary of commonly used acronyms in the Burmese context, including political and military alliances as well as international and Burmese NGOs and CBOs located in Thailand.

Acronym Full name
21CPC 21st Century Panglong Conference
AAPP Assistance Association for Political Prisoners
ABFSU All Burma Federation of Student Unions
ABSDF All Burma Students Democratic Front
ABYMU All Burma Young Monks’ Union
ADRA Adventist Develop and Relief Agency
AFPFL Anti-Fascist People’s Freedom League
AHRDO Arakan Human Rights and Development Organisation
ALA Arakan Liberation Army
ALD Arakan League for Democracy
ALP Arakan Liberation Party
AMI Aide Medical International
ARC American Refugee Committee
ARNO Arakan Rohingya National Organisation
ASEAN Association of South East Asian Nations
ASI Anti-Slavery International
ASSK Aung San Suu Kyi
BA Burma Army (Tatmadaw)
BADP Border Areas Development Programme
BBC Burmese Border Consortium
BBHP Burma Border Health Project
BGF Border Guard Force
BHIC Basic Health Interventions for Children
BIA Burma Independence Army
BLC Burma Lawyers Council
BMA Burmese Medical Association
BPHWT Backpack Health Worker Team
BRC Burma Relief Centre
BSPP Burmese Socialist Programme Party
BWU Burmese Women’s Union
CBO Community Based Organisation
CCSDPT Committee for Co-ordination of Services to Displaced Persons in Thailand
CD Child’s Dream
CEDAW Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
CHRO Chin Human Rights Organization
CHW Community Health Worker
CIDKP Committee for Internally Displaced Karen People
CNC Chin National Council
CNF Chin National Front
CNLD Chin National League for Democracy
COERR Catholic Office for Emergency Relief and Refugees
CoI Commission of Inquiry
CP Curriculum Project
CPB Communist Party of Burma
CPHHR Center for Public Health and Human Rights
CPI China Power Investment
CPPCR Committee for the Protection and Promotion of Child Rights
CSO Civil Society Organisation
DAB Democratic Alliance of Burma
DASSK Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
DKBA Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (recently renamed as Democratic Karen Benevolent Army)
DKBO Democratic Karen Buddhist Organisation
DOKNU Democratic Organization for Kayan National Unity
DPN Delegation for Political Dialogue (discussion body of the UNFC)
DPRN Displaced Persons Response Network
DVB Democratic Voice of Burma
ENC Ethnic Nationalities Council
EVI Extremely Vulnerable Individual
FBR Free Burma Rangers
FDB Forum for Democracy in Burma
FIDH International Federation for Human Rights
HDI Human Development Initiative
HI Handicap International
HIS Health Information Systems
HREIB Human Rights Education Institute of Burma
HRW Human Rights Watch
HURFOM Human Rights Foundation of Monland
HW Health worker
ICC International Criminal Court
ICCPR International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross
IDP Internally displaced person
ILO International Labour Organization
INGO International Non Governmental Organisation
IOM International Organization for Migration
IRC International Rescue Committee
JRS Jesuit Relief Services
KA Karenni Army
KDA Kachin Defense Army
KDHW Karen Department of Health and Welfare
KED Karen Educational Department
KHG Karen Humanitarian Group
KHRG Karen Human Rights Group
KIA Kachin Independence Army
KIO Kachin Independence Organization
KNDO Karen National Defense Organization
KNDP Karenni National Democratic Party
KNG Kayan National Guard
KNLA Karen National Liberation Army
KNLF Karenni National Liberation Front
KNLP Kayan New Land Party
KNO Kachin National Organization
KNPLF Karenni National People’s Liberation Front
KNPP Karenni National Progressive Party
KnRC Karenni Refugee Committee
KNU Karen National Union
KnWO Karenni Women’s Organization
KnYO Karenni Youth Organization
KORD Karen Office for Relief and Development
KPC Karen Peace Council
KPF Karen Peace Front
KRC Karen Refugee Committee
KRCEE Karen Refugee Committee Educational Entity
KSEAG Karen State Education Assistance Group
KSWDC Karenni Social Welfare and Development Center
KTWG Karen Teacher’s Working Group
KWAT Kachin Women’s Association Thailand
KWO Karen Women’s Organisation
KYO Karen Youth Organisation
LNGO Local Non Governmental Organisation
LNO Lahu National Organization
LWO Lahu Women’s Organization
MAP Migrants Assistance Project
MCH Maternal and child health
MFL Mon Freedom League
MHRC Myanmar Human Rights Commission
MMCWA Myanmar Maternal Child Welfare Association
MNDF Mon National Democratic Front
MOPH Ministry of Public Health
MRDC Mon Relief and Development Committee
MSDN Mon Social Development Network
MSF Medecins Sans Frontieres
MSH Mae Sot Hospital
MTC Mae Tao Clinic
M&E Monitoring and evaluation
NA-B Northern Alliance – Burma
NCGUB National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma
NCUB National Council of the Union of Burma
NDAA National Democratic Alliance Army
NDAK National Defense Army Kachin
NDF National Democratic Front
NGO Non Governmental Organisation
NHEC National Health and Education Council
NLD National League for Democracy
NLD-LA NLD – Liberated Area
NMSP New Mon State Party
NSAG Non-State Armed Group
NPRC National Peace and Reconciliation Centre
NUP National Unity Party
OHCHR UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
OIA Overseas Irrawaddy Association
OKRSO Overseas Karen Refugee Support Organisation
PND Party for National Democracy
PNLO PaO National Liberation Organization
PNO PaO National Organization
PPAT Planned Parenthood Association of Thailand
PWO Palaung Women’s Organization
RCH Reproductive and Child Health
RHRC Reproductive Health for Refugees Consortium
SAW Social Action for Women
SHC Shan Health Committee
SLORC State Law and Order Restoration Council
SMRU Shoklo Malaria Research Unit
SNLD Shan National League for Democracy
SNPLA Shan Nationalities People’s Liberation Army
SNPLO Shan Nationalities People’s Liberation Organization
SPDC State Peace and Development Council
SRC Shan Refugee Committee
SRDC Shan Relief and Development Committee
SSA Shan State Army
SSA-N Shan State Army-North
SSA-S Shan State Army-South
SWAN Shan Women’s Action Network
SYCB Student and Youth Congress of Burma
TBC The Border Consortium (previously known as TBBC)
TBBC Thailand-Burma Border Consortium (now known as TBC)
TMP Trauma (physical) Management Program
UDHR Universal Declaration of Human Rights
UN United Nations
UNDP United Nations Development Programme
UNFC United Nationalities Federal Council
UNESCAP UN Economic and Social Council for Asia Pacific
UNHCHR United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNICEF United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund
UNLD United Nationalities League for Democracy
UNOCHA United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance
USAID US Agency for International Development
USCR U.S. Committee for Refugees
USDA Union Solidarity and Development Association
USDP Union Solidarity and Development Party
UPC Union Peace Conference
UPDJC Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee
UWSA United Wa State Army
VHW Village health worker
WFP World Food Programme
WHO World Health Organization
WLB Women’s League of Burma
WNO Wa National Organization